Welcome to the energy data page for The Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead.


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Data collected by Stark

RBWM is committed to transparency, a key element of which is letting local people know how much energy we use across our various sites. Therefore, the Borough have installed Automatic Meter Readers (AMR) into some sites, in order to be able to view energy use every half an hour. The data that is available to you is a summary of how much energy has been used in buildings that have had AMR installed for more than 2 years. The Borough are increasing the number of buildings that have these meters, so these buildings will be included once 2 full years of data are available.

The buildings currently included are:


  1. 4 Marlow Road
  2. Aviary Building
  3. Cookham Library
  4. Eton Wick Youth Club
  5. Hines Meadow Car Park - 2000053084557
  6. Hines Meadow Car Park - 2000027327220
  7. Maidenhead Library
  8. Oaken Grove Sports Pavillion
  9. Ockwells Park Pavillion
  10. SMART Sands Court
  11. Tinkers Lane Depot
  12. Town Hall
  13. Windsor Y. and C. Centre


  1. 4 Marlow Road
  2. Braywick Nature Centre
  3. Cookham Library
  4. Datchet Y. and C. Centre
  5. Maidenhead Project Centre
  6. Millhouse Family Centre
  7. Norfolk House
  8. Oakbridge Day Centre
  9. Pinkneys Green Y. and C. Centre
  10. SMART Sands Court
  11. St Marys House
  12. Sunninghill Library
  13. Tinkers Lane Depot
  14. Waldeck House - 16401302
  15. Waldeck House - 16401504
  16. Windsor Coach Park
  17. Windsor Library
  18. York House